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Birthdate:Jun 23
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America

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You are Sarah.

You were born on a sunny day in 1865. At the age of 25, Squire Lawrence Billy Boyd, a magician of the Short Order, granted you -- his courtesan -- immortality. Unfortunately, he perished soon after, leaving you his fortune, several small stripey cats, and the ability to charm geeky boys the world over.

Since 1983, you have taken the guise of a Sarah of the Bauer clan. After convincing your new family that you were their innocent child, you spent the next few years incognito as an infant. (Rumor has it you're hiding from a scorned lover.) You have spent the past 25 years honing your abilities as a weaver of tales and preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

You are also a ninja.

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Interests (150):

3d porn, adam busch, adult swim, agnosticism, aimee mann, alfonso cuarón, alfred hitchcock, amélie, angel, apples to apples, arrested development, arturo pérez-reverte, avatar: the last airbender, awkward boys with glasses, bad horror movies, badly drawn boy, barenaked ladies, batman, battlestar galactica, being crafty, billy boyd, black books, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, canada, catch-22, chococat, clive owen, common rotation, counting crows, damien rice, dar williams, david sedaris, david tennant, david tennant's oral fixation, dead like me, dean martin, declan macmanus, diego luna, doctor who, driving without shoes, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, elvis costello, england, family guy, firefly, frank sinatra, futurama, gabriel garcía márquez, gary oldman, george romero, going to the zoo, guitar hero, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, heroes, high fidelity, himym, house md, house/wilson, hyper!chat, indiana jones, invader zim, jess klein, jon stewart, joni mitchell, judo, kate winslet, kid dakota, kids in the hall, knitting, leon kennedy cocking guns, life on mars, lisa loeb, long way round, lord of the rings, m c escher, mah jong, mark sheppard, martial arts, matthew-macfadyen-in-the-rain, men in kilts, michael ondaatje, minneapolis, minnesota music, monty python, mystery science theater 3000, nathan, neil gaiman, night watch, nightmare before christmas, novillero, oxford, pablo neruda, pete and pete, pillars of the earth, portishead, project runway, r.e.m., rachel weisz, remus/sirius, reservoir dogs, resident evil, robert frost, robert skoro, romeo's blue skies, ron sexsmith, rosencrantz&guildenstern are dead, rufus wainwright, sandman, scotland, shakespeare, silent hill, singin' in the rain, six feet under, stage managing, star wars, stereophonics, sylvia plath, t.s. eliot, tad williams, the black donnellys, the daily show, the decemberists, the eagles, the english patient, the icarus project, the last unicorn, the office, the sarah connor chronicles, the usual suspects, the whitlams, theatre, thomas harris, tim roth, tom mcrae, tom stoppard, torchwood, victor hugo, vienna teng, vincent van gogh, viola, wesker's wandering accent, winnipeg folk festival, witch hunter robin, wu chien pai, x-files, x-men, zombies
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